Five Storey Projects (FSP) (founded 2008) was a curatorial collective founded by artists, writers and curators. FSP was an organization that favored an interdisciplinary approach to artistic production and an active exchange with the institutions and galleries they worked with. All projects gravitated towards questions of self-organisation and sub-cultural structures as a form of resistance with a strong emphasis on artistic and curatorial collaboration.


FSP was Ellen Greig, Una Hamilton Helle and Ann Harezlak.
Former members also included Ana Balona de Oliveira and Fozia Khaliq.

FSP published their final remarks, “A collective look at a curatorial collaboration”, for The Promise of Something and Nothing, on 01 Aug 2015 in Los Angeles (Tiny Splendor Press). The Promise of Something and Nothing was curated by Ann Harezlak.

Highlights from over five years of collaboration: